"Current Situations" - Now Available!

Byron Bank's newest album "Current Situations" released on March 28th on all digital distributors worldwide. Album is available in both clean and explicit versions which you can also order the physical cd copies from the vault section on the site.

"Different Day Same Shit" - the saga continues!

Byron Bank released this track full of venting and aggression to talk about people who tend to do the same thing over and over. The cycle seems to continue but eventually the truth will come out and expose them. The only thing you can do is acknowledge it, look past it and move forward.

"One Hunnit" now in stores

Byron Bank released his newest single "One Hunnit" on September 2nd and is now available in all digital stores worldwide. 

"One Hunnit" is about being an authentic individual, which means be yourself. No matter what people may think or feel about your character or brand, the only person that matters is what you think of yourself. Be who you say you are, be who you want to be.

"She Knows" now in stores

Byron Bank released his newest single "She Knows" on March 21st and is now available in all digital stores worldwide. 

"She Knows" is dedicated to all the working women in the world who wake up and grind daily. The independent, self-motivated, educated boss female that understands nothing is giving, every thing is earned. Her worth is very well understood and respected, she's constantly turning heads. This and more is why, "She Knows".


Byron Bank does a live performance of "She Knows" at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas. Watch as the DJ even jams out to it!

"Byron Bank No S 2" - EP is now available

This is the second coming of the Byron Bank No S series. With 5 original tracks, Bank takes his creativity to higher heights on every song. Sounding like no other artist from the south, Bank continues to let the world know about his movement and that the name doesn't have a "S" at the end.

Check out the behind the scenes footage of Byron Bank in the studio creating and making the EP, "Byron Bank No S 2" also known as The Sequel.