[Mixtape] "Byron Bank No S 2" - The Sequel now available!!

Byron Bank is back at it again bringing you the sequel to a classic mixtape, "Byron Bank No S 2". This sequel exclusively released, May 30th and is now live on DopeMX.com.

Download or stream your copy today by clicking the link below. Happy Listening!!!

[New Single] "She Knows" now in stores

Byron Bank released his newest single "She Knows" on March 21st and is now available in all digital stores worldwide. 

"She Knows" is dedicated to all the working women in the world who wake up and grind daily. The independent, self-motivated, educated boss female that understands nothing is giving, every thing is earned. Her worth is very well understood and respected, she's constantly turning heads. This and more is why, "She Knows".

Change Wins Best Hip Hop/Rap Album

Byron Bank's latest released album, "Change" was submitted for Best Hip Hop/Rap album in The Akademia Music Awards for the month of November 2015 and WON!! Join us in congratulating Byron Bank on this amazing milestone and read what judges had to say about the album.

New Album : Change Now In Stores

Byron Bank just released his most personal, creative independent album entitled, "Change" on March 31, 2015. Bank is dropping yet more dope lyrics and has teamed up again with many great producers and artists worldwide such as: Doughbeezy, Cooli Blaze and more. "Change" is something we all desire but do nothing to inspire it. Everday we're faced with challenges, broken promises, lies and deceit, but we still hold on to hope, awaiting a new day. "Change" is now available for download/physical copy in clean and explicit version in stores such as: iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, Beat Music and many more.

Do you have your copy? If so please share your thoughts, please give it a review in these stories all feedback is greatly appreciated!