Byron Keith Jones (born July 15), better known by his stage name Byron Bank, is an American Hip-Hop lyricist and storyteller. Byron Bank is a charismatic, talented and direct artist hailing from Houston, Texas. Byron's unique take on hip-hop, showing fans and other rappers that great tracks are all about bridging the divide between the old school flow and the modern punch; pairing up the best of both worlds with his vision and his banging songs.

His words and rhymes hit hard, not unlike influential artists such as Jay Z, J Dilla, Lil B and Rakim or A Tribe Called Quest, among others.

In 2010 Bank released his, free to the public, freshmen mixtape, "Catch Me If You Can" via internet, followed by his sophomore mixtape, "Byron Bank, No S" in 2011. By 2013, Byron released his first album "The Withdrawal", to the critical acclaim. Byron's latest releases, "Byron Bank No S 2", "She Knows" and "Change", which was awarded Best Hip-Hop/Rap album by the Akademia Music Awards, are currently available online.

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